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The Property has significant agricultural, ecological, natural, scenic, open space, and wildlife habitat values as recognized in the Oklahoma Uniform Conservation Easement Act. The Property is productive farmland, and it constitutes a valuable element of the natural habitat of the Little River watershed and ecosystem and the ecosystem's ecological, natural, scenic, and open space values, including flora, fauna, and prime and important soils; the property provides significant wildlife habitat, and the maintenance of such natural habitat helps support wildlife populations in the Little River ecosystem. In addition to the agricultural productivity of the property, all of these natural habitat, ecological, wildlife, water resource, natural, scenic, and open space values ("Conservation Values") are worthy of conservation and of great importance.

Easement Purpose: The purpose of the conservation easement is to protect and enhance forever the conservation values of the Property.


More Than A Venue

At The Venue, we know how to create the perfect atmosphere for that special event in your life. No matter what your preferences are  or special requests might be, we can make them happen. Our venue is unique and we offer many amenities other venues simply don't have.

We are in the business of hosting stunning weddings and special events. We give our clients the power to customize every aspect of their event, from the decor and floral arrangements to the menu and entertainment.  Contact us to book your date today. We can’t wait to host you.

Our Team.

At The Venue At Freedom Farms, our mission is to create a unique and memorable experience for every event. Our staff is committed to excellence and goes above and beyond to bring your vision to life.

What sets us apart is that we are privately owned and operated, providing a more intimate and customized experience. We are dedicated to making sure your event is special and one of a kind. Come and experience our amazing staff and hospitality for yourself.


On-Site Over Night Accommodations

Groom's Suite

Amazing Views & Sunsets


Catering Kitchen

4200 Sq Foot Bridal House

Indoor & Outdoor Options

Gazebo & Floating Dock

DJ Booth


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