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Night Sky

Get Married Under
the Sunset or the Stars

Our outdoor space is stunning. No worries if there is inclement weather, there is always the option to move indoors, making us the best wedding venue in Oklahoma. 

We have a gazebo, a floating dock, animals, and all the open space you can dream of. 

Set your ceremony up outside and move the party indoors for food and back under the stars for dancing and celebrating.  

Property History

The Property has significant agricultural, ecological, natural, scenic, open space, and wildlife habitat values as recognized in the Oklahoma Uniform Conservation Easement Act.

The Property is productive farmland, and it constitutes a valuable element of the natural habitat of the Little River watershed and ecosystem and the ecosystem's ecological, natural, scenic, and open space values, including flora, fauna, and prime and important soils; the property provides significant wildlife habitat, and the maintenance of such natural habitat helps support wildlife populations in the Little River ecosystem. In addition to the agricultural productivity of the property, all of these natural habitat, ecological, wildlife, water resource, natural, scenic, and open space values ("Conservation Values") are worthy of conservation and of great importance.

Easement Purpose: The purpose of the conservation easement is to protect and enhance forever the conservation values of the Property.

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